The ballot proposal that will allow casinos in New York State has gotten the most attention today, but there were five other propositions on the back of yesterday's ballot, which you hopefully realized before getting on line for the one functioning scanning machine. Let's take a look at where the other initiatives landed:

  • Proposition 2: Civil Service Credit for Veterans with Disabilities. An overwhelming majority of voters approved this, giving veterans extra points when applying for civil service jobs, to give them an edge on finding employment.
  • Proposition 3: Exclusion of Indebtedness for Sewage Facilities. This proposition lets cities, towns and villages continue to exceed their debt limits in order to pay for sewage facility construction. Voters approved it 62% to 37%.
  • Proposition 4: Settling Disputed Title in the Forest Preserve (in the Adirondacks). This concerned a knotty century-old dispute between the state and private property owners and was kind of irrelevant to anyone but the parties involved. Voters approved the settlement by a wide margin; you can read all about the dispute here, but you probably won't and we don't blame you.
  • Proposition 5: Land Exchange in State Forest Preserve with NYCO Minerals, Inc. Aside from the gambling, this was the most controversial proposition on the menu. A strip mining company wants access to 200 acres in Adirondack Forest Preserve, which is protected from development "forever" by the state constitution. New Yorkers approved it by a tight margin, voting 53% to 46% to amend the state constitution and let the mining begin. Opponents, including the Sierra Club, worry that this sets a troubling precedent for the Adirondacks, while advocates say it will provide jobs and, as part of the deal, enlarge the preserve by an extra 1,500 acres—paid for by the mining company.
  • Proposition 6: Increasing Age Until Judges can Serve. The mandatory retirement age for certain judges would have been increased from 70 years old to 80 years old, but voters rejected the proposition 67% to 39%.

Well, that about wraps it up for this edition of Know Your Ballot Propositions. Thanks so much for joining us, and be sure to stay tuned for The Week In Gerrymandering, followed by the hit new animated program Lever To Beaver, about a group of zany beavers living inside some old discarded lever voting machines.