A boa constrictor thought it was entitled to a free ride on a city bus, and it was...totally right, because boa constrictor gets whatever boa constrictor wants. Them's the rules.

The Post reports that the legless straphanger was spotted aboard the B12 bus at some point on East New York Avenue on Saturday.

The driver was eight stops into his route when he saw the creature slithering around the back window, at which point he promptly headed straight back to the depot. Workers there dismantled part of the bus in order to remove the scaly farebeater, who'd been making his way toward the warmth of the engine block.

No passengers were on board at the time, and the snake was deposited at Animal Care and Control. A source told the tabloid that a passenger had been seen carrying a snake onto the bus in a bag the day before. An assumption was made that the snake was also taken off the bus—but apparently not!

“I guess it got too big for him to take care of, so he left it on the bus in a bag," the source said.

Is this better than dropping your old used-up snake on the street? Debatable, but can we at least just agree to stop trying to throw away our snakes in any of the five boroughs? Thanks.