accuwx_stormy.jpgMight we just say that Gothamist really dislikes this muggy weather. Normally we are as sweet as a sugarcube but with high humidity here today, tomorrow, next week we know we will be cranky. We're sitting on the west side of the Bermuda High, meaning lots of subtropical air is over the city. A weak cold front currently stretched across the Great Lakes is trying to sweep the sweaty air away, but it is going to take several days to accomplish the task.

So, the forecast for the next several days is pretty repetitive. Humid, highs in the lower-80s, lows in the lower-70s and a 50/50 chance of rain each day through Tuesday. Late nights will be foggy. The rain, which will likely stay north of the city today, will be in the form of showers or a thunderstorm. The showers could be intense at times. A widespread 1-2 inches of rain are possible tomorrow. However, don't let a little, or a lot, of rain discourage you from going to the QBQ BBQ Burger Bash at Water Taxi Beach tomorrow. The event is rain or shine and there will be a tent!

The weather Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will likely be near repeats of Saturday –warm, cloudy and humid with occasional outbursts of rain.

Stormy weekend weather map from