Time to bring back an updated rain graph. It came down to the wire, but yesterday evening's intense shower did not have what it takes to become the rainiest June ever. For the record, 10.06 inches of rain fell on Central Park, a mere 0.21 less than 2003. That's nearly triple the normal amount! One local news outlet prattled on today about how there was more rain in New York than Seattle last month, conveniently not mentioning that Seattle is almost always drier than NYC in June. Adding to the joy, last month was also the eighth coolest June since records began in 1851.

What does July have in store? For the next couple of days at least more of the same! Both the upper air and surface lows haven't moved so look for another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms this Canada Day and Thursday. Like yesterday some of this afternoon's storms could be intense. Look for highs both days in the upper 70s.

High pressure approaching the region should begin to clear things out on Friday. Saturday, oh my, sunny, dry and warm! Sunday is looking the same. We may break down in tears if that happens. It is not yet clear if rain will return on Monday.