There are many things about Mayor Bloomberg that New Yorkers should know about: His thoughts on what can be done to help the homeless, how he will improve the NYC school system, how the budget is coming alone. But then there are some things that we don't need to know about. But the folks at KISS-FM asked him a couple questions, including if he wore boxers or briefs. And as if you couldn't guess it, he's a briefs man. Please, everyone, let's never ever go there again.

Other things Mayor Bloomberg answered: He cooks hotdogs the best; his mother nicknamed him "Mike"; he doesn't wear cologne; if he were a professional athlete, he'd be the quarterback for the Jets; and one word he'd use to describe himself is "handsome." Okay, Mayor B, you're funny, Gothamist gives you that.

Photo of Mayor Bloomberg examining a NYC Sanitation Truck with Department of Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty from the Mayor's office; during this ceremony, Mayor Bloomberg commended 76 year-old sanitation worker Louis Gagliotto who has never taken a sick day in his 46 years of work