The Way We Live Now: Using fire to charge our cell phones in Hurricane-damaged Zone A as a convoy of National Guard trucks roll by. This photo was snapped on Jay Street in DUMBO, a neighborhood that's steadily returning to normal, except for the lack of flushable toilets at Gothamist HQ (due to a flooded basement or internecine media sabatoge). We were strolling over to Brooklyn Roasters to do some damage to their restroom when we spotted these ingenious gentlemen offering free cell phone charging to desperate passers-by. Who needs street lamps?

The impromptu charging station was set up by a company called BioLite, which enables users to "cook dinner and charge electronics anywhere, with just a handful of kindling." We're told that the stoves can charge a cell phone in the time that it takes to charge up your phone using a laptop. The stoves can also be used to power LED lights.

They just set up an hour ago and will probably be there for a while longer if you're in DUMBO and need some DIY juice. It's also been announced that AT&T will set up pods near the distribution centers that provide cell coverage and charging stations. These locations, which will start distributing supplies later today, are being announced piecemeal at this city website here.

As for the National Guard, they've been reconnoitering in DUMBO during the past couple of days. According to one source, they're here to "secure equipment" at Northrop Grumman on John Street. It is important Wayne Enterprises' fusion reactor doesn't fall into the wrong hands.