Those five weeks of anticipated G train hell seem to have whizzed right by! Starting today, you're free to ride the tiny green mobile bathroom between Court Square and Nassau Ave as much as your masochistic little heart desires, and as a bonus, the L train conductors will stop screaming over the loudspeaker about service changes at Lorimer.

Yes, the MTA reinstated full service on the G train this morning—though not, perhaps, to everyone's delight. Last month, riders reported smoother commutes using the shuttle buses provided by the MTA during the station closures, citing faster, more frequent and entirely free service. Sadly, the MTA says those shuttles were "extremely expensive," so the rest of us will once again have to make do with waiting every 8 to 4 billion minutes for the train. NO ONE WILL EVER BE HAPPY SO STAY OUT OF GREENPOINT.

Meanwhile, the MTA says the five-week shutdown allowed them to make many necessary repairs to damage sustained during Hurricane Sandy, including the installation of new tracks, completion of structural repairs and the installation/replacement of electrical wires. And earlier this summer, G train riders were gifted with a 25 percent increase in service, something we'll get to enjoy without the threat of a looming shutdown at long last.