According to Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts, BP recruited workers for the tune of $12 an hour to show up for Obama's visit to Grand Isle, Louisiana yesterday—and sent them away as soon as the president left! Roberts told CNN that he had never seen more than 20 workers before at the cleanup site, but BP bussed in nearly 400 workers. "The sheriff's office did manage to get one person to speak with them and that individual said they were hired yesterday and told to report to a staging area at 7:30 this morning. It just doesn't add up."

However, BP officials say they had been ordered to increase the work force, and it was just a coincidence that the workers left the site around the same time Obama did. Obama did say in his speech that the disaster "deserves a response that is equal to the task," and ordered the feds to triple manpower in certain areas. He even rolled up his sleeves!

Some weren't buying the act. Local Billy Ward said, "If he wants to do something, let him get out there and pump some mud and cement into that hole. Just fix it. Help us." The mud pumping is failing.