If it wasn't bad enough that there are thousands of city workers getting away with using illegal parking placards to park wherever they want without getting a ticket, it turns out there's a little-known perk that gives politicians the ability to get out of car jail for free every time: no matter how many tickets a politician gets, their official cars will never get hauled off to the pound.

And the Daily News highlights one of the assemblymen who is most taking advantage of this loophole: Bronx Assemblyman Nelson Castro owes nearly $9,000 in unpaid parking tickets. Most New Yorkers who have more than $350 in unpaid tickets risk having their cars towed, but anyone with "official" plates, including state legislators, City Council members and government agencies, is immune. According to the News, if a marshal searches the database for Castro's NYA153 plate, a two-word message pops up on the screen: "Not towable."

Castro was surprised when the News confronted him for being a scofflaw, and attributed part of that amount, $7,500, to a possible identity theft: "$9,000? Really? I know I have $600 in parking tickets. I'm totally surprised about this...I didn't know this was out there. I will definitely look into that now."