2007_11_garedboobs.jpgD is for drunk and disorderly, not boobs and breasts. At least according to New Jersey State Senator Richard Codey. The Times first reported yesterday on the halftime events at Gate D at Giants Stadium during Jets games. Hundreds of fans gather on the exit ramp, chanting at women and encouraging them to expose their breasts. If they don't lift their shirts, the women are met with boos and sometimes are spit at or have bottles thrown at them.

Fans The Times talked to said the ritual at Gate D has been happening for years and that they're disappointed when women don't expose themselves, because flashing is expected of the women. Possibly more alarming than the actions of the men at the stadium is the inaction of stadium security. One guard said they don't do anything because of free speech laws.

Since first reported yesterday, Senator Codey has taken the Meadolands to task, saying that they "appear to have turned a blind eye." Naturally, the Meadolands disputes these claims, saying they have great security and that nothing can be done, besides reasoning, to stop men from chanting obscenities.

The fan behavior at Gate D doesn't seem to happen at other gates, during Giants games, or at other NFL stadiums. Only at Jets games. Perhaps Jets fans are confused because they're used to New York laws allowing women to go topless?