Officials from the City Council, the State Assembly, the NYPD, the Brooklyn DA's office, and the lifeguards' union joined community leaders at the McCarren Park Pool last night for an under the radar meeting concerning the violent incidents that have marred the $50 million facility's grand reopening. A well-placed source tells A Walk in the Park that City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Assemblyman Joe Lentol, and Councilmember Steve Levin convened the meeting, during which a proposal was floated to require registration cards for all those who would use the pool.

"The subject of having some kind of of Identification system/registration system came up and that was something that was pretty positively responded to," says the source. "The question is logistics on that—but they do it at rec. centers, they do it at Metropolitan Pool. That seems like something that could conceivably have a deterring effect on bad behavior."

Councilmember Levin reportedly told those in attendance, "If you have to write down your mom's telephone number than you might be less likely to do things that will have somebody call your mom to tell them to pick you up at the 94th Pct. station house." And according to A Walk in the Park, police reps told Quinn that the media was not just "putting a negative spin on things," that the problems at the pool are serious. One NYPD rep reportedly "went into gory details about the people arrested. Every single person who's been arrested out of that pool, all have lengthy criminal histories. Even the 17-year-old who was arrested has fifteen priors."

The changes, if implemented, would likely not go into effect until next summer. A spokesperson for Quinn confirms that the meeting took place, and issued this statement in response to our question about the registration proposal: "It was a productive meeting and all parties involved are continuing to work together on the possible suggestions that came out of the meeting. We expect to announce them in the near future."

Meanwhile, it was a rough day for the so-called "Lock Man," the entrepreneur who's been making bank selling locks to bathers who arrive at the pool without realizing they need one to enter. DNAinfo reports that Angel Wilburn was arrested yesterday for vending without a license, "and police discovered a history of 40 past arrests for charges including sodomy, public lewdness and grand larceny." He's pleaded guilty to public lewdness three times over the years, and also has an outstanding case for "attempted distribution of indecent materials to minors."

It's a rough fall from grace for Angel Wilburn, who at his peak this summer was making $250 cash a day. Trust us, you can buy a lot of indecent materials with that kind of money.