The man who was fatally struck by a Long Island Railroad train at the Queens Village stop Saturday was an LIRR employee, an MTA official has confirmed.

The employee was struck just before 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, the official said, by a Penn Station-bound train from Huntington. The employee died on the scene as medics were attending to him.

Passenger Ashley Laderer told Gothamist yesterday that she saw "blood and guts on the track," and was told by a conductor to not post any photos because "that was one of our co-workers." Another witness tweeted that those on the train were stuck for at least an hour after the crash, and received boxed water from the crew while waiting. The train was eventually evacuated, and shuttle buses were provided to the passengers.

"As the train kept going, every few yards we would see more gore. Huge pieces of flesh and who knows what else," Laderer said.

Another passenger told the News that she heard a loud thud just before those on the train noticed blood on the windows. "As it dawned on us, grave shared looks, hand over mouths... I think we were first to realize," she told the tabloid.

A Newsday reporter who was on the train also heard a said he heard the crash and then heard an engineer saying, "Oh my god." The MTA was performing maintenance on the tracks at the time, according to the reporter.

Officials have not yet revealed the victim's identity. They are currently investigating whether the worker was supposed to be on the tracks or not.