A new official portrait of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani was unveiled at a ceremony inside City Hall this week. The portrait, which was made over several sittings in 2006 by Everett Raymond Kinstler, shows Giuliani in a dark pinstripe suit, a tribute to the New York Yankees. But some people have had trouble picking up on that subtle detail—actually, people have had trouble recognizing it is Giuliani altogether.

According to some people polled randomly by the Daily News, it looks more like 38th President Gerald Ford. Maybe Kinstler didn't quite capture the 9/11 glow in Giuliani's cheeks well enough. "He looks a little too thin to be Giuliani, but they always try to make paintings look flattering," said Stephen Braun. We would say it looks more like a Giuliani/John Lithgow hybrid, but everyone's a critic: Giuliani himself said he would have preferred to be painted in a full Yankees uniform, or not at all. "I'm superstitious about portraits; they're for dead people," he said.