Last week, the Queens DA announced that police had arrested a man who posed as a cop and raped two young women. The rape suspect, Eric McCoy, attempted to rape another girl. The 15 year old girl managed to get help and the police actually responded, but they let McCoy go. McCoy then kidnapped and raped a 17 year old hours later.

Now those officers are suspended and are under investigation. The officers apparently didn't question anyone at the scene about the girl's story and let McCoy go when he told them two girls had been in a fight - without checking his criminal record. They also took the girl to a subway station and told her to go to school. The girl's father told the Daily News, "If they had listened to my daughter, this other young woman may not have had to go through this. They didn't even get out of their car."

The other heinous revelation is why McCoy pretended to be a cop. He told police that using a fake badge proved to be more effective: "I knew I couldn't do that sort of thing [gunpoint rapes] anymore. I'm married and I don't have the time."

Photograph from gelle_dk on Flickr