Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the cop who last summer choked Eric Garner to the ground and, with several others, held him face-down, killing him, not only still lives in Staten Island and works for the NYPD, but he has an around-the-clock security detail, and a department-installed surveillance system with a panic button to press should someone get past his armed guards, according to a report by the Daily News. Pantaleo is fighting an attempt to make his Civilian Complaint Review Board record public, and in a court filing he cited the release of some of his record as the reason for death threats he has received (as opposed to his killing of an unarmed man).

The Legal Aid Society is suing to get his disciplinary record released. A federal civil rights investigation into the killing is ongoing, as is an internal NYPD investigation, and a state probe of the lackadaisical response of emergency medical personnel. Revelation of Pantaleo's security detail comes less than a week after the New York Times reported that a grand jury witness had been scolded by Staten Island prosecutors for testifying that what Pantaleo did was a chokehold.