A cop shot in the line of duty last year is suing the NYPD for outfitting him with a bulletproof vest and a holster that he claims weren't up to snuff.

Officer Shane Farina, 39, was wearing a department-issued vest when he was shot point blank by a suspected fare-beater who grabbed his partner's gun in a Queens subway station last year. The bullet hit Farina in his side — which was not covered by the vest — and lacerated his liver, punctured his lungs and intestines, and broke his rib, according to the Post.

The suit also alleges that the suspected shooter, 33-year-old Raul Nuñez, was able to dislodge his partner's gun because the officers were equipped with so-called "pancake holsters," which Farina claims don't hold weapons securely enough. After shooting Farina and firing another bullet that grazed his partner, Nuñez was gunned down by another cop on the station's escalator. His trial is pending. In 2005, Officer Dillon Stewart died after a bullet narrowly missed his bulletproof vest and hit him in the armpit.