An African-American police officer who says she was busted by superiors for "racially motivated" reasons has filed an $11 million suit against 14 fellow cops and the city. Pamela Lambright was arrested for violating an order of protection while on duty, and was confronted inside her own 111th precinct in Queens. "I was surrounded by white supervisors and felt they wanted to hang me," she said.

Back in May 2009, Lambright was ordered to bring in her 17-year-old son for a suspect lineup relating to a robbery, which yielded no arrests. But Lambright was on modified duty at the time, because her son had received an order of protection against her prior to this, after she allegedly hit him. She claims that her (white) supervising officer was "determined to make an arrest" of some kind, and took it out on her: "I felt like a perp, a prisoner, a criminal," she said.

Lambright claims the order was no longer in effect when the lineup took place, and her suit alleges that her duty to bring in her son would have overridden the order, even one still in effect. It's unclear, however, whether any of this was "racially motivated" as Lambright alleges, or what the other 13 officers besides her supervisor are being sued for. (A commenter on the Post's website claims, "The lawsuit doesnt even mention racial discrimination. The Post added that to sell papers!")