Last night, an off-duty NYPD traffic agent was arrested for "unlawful eviction" and "harassment." Who was she allegedly evicting unlawfully and harassing? Her tenant in the Rockaways!

An NYPD spokesperson says Shanna Hamilton, 31, was arrested at 10 p.m. for changing the locks on her tenant's apartment. The Daily News has more details: "Hamilton entered her tenant’s apartment on Beach 98th St. in the Rockaways with several friends, changed the locks and proceeded to throw a party inside — while the tenant was home, sources said. During the shindig, Hamilton threatened to throw her tenant off the balcony, the sources said."

The tenant then called the police. "Locking the occupant out of the dwelling unit or changing the locks without giving tenant the keys" and "Using or threatening to use force to remove an occupant" are considered two examples of unlawful eviction

Hamilton was arrested two years ago for assault when she and her girlfriend got into an fight (the girlfriend was also charged with assault).