A three-year-old Doberman's rambunctious life came to an abrupt end on Staten Island last night when an off-duty Port Authority police officer shot the frisky pet while he walked his own dog through the neighborhood of Westerleigh. The Staten Island Advance reports that the Mazzola family pulled into their driveway around 9 p.m. after a long drive home from the Catskills, and their Doberman Boo Boo burst out of the car as soon as the doors opened. It would be his last romp, because, unfortunately for him, an armed off-duty cop was walking past the house with his pug.

"[The officer] asked, ‘Is the dog friendly?' " Mazzola tells the Advance, adding that he responded, "Yeah." Mazzola says, "They started scrapping a little. They were doing what dogs do, they were growling." He tried to intervene and separate them, but he claims that before he could pull Boo Boo away, the cop pulled out his gun and "shoots from the hip. I was diving in, he almost shoots me, this guy. In the heart, he shoots my dog in the heart." Mazzola's younger brother, Vincent, adds, "He was going over there to say hi. He just looked big."

Neighbors say the officer is often seen walking his dog around the neighborhood, and Boo Boo's owners recall that the two animals have growled at each other in the past. “He wanted to play. He was a big fluff — never barked,” said longtime local resident Margaret de Jacquant. After the shooting, the officer was seen being taken away in an ambulance, while Boo Boo's body remained outside the house, covered by a sheet.

An NYPD spokesman told the Advance the officer has not been charged, noting he "was concerned for the safety of his own dog when he fired." A Port Authority spokesman tells us, "As is standard protocol, the incident will be reviewed internally by PAPD."