An NYPD officer has been arrested on assault charges for allegedly punching an elderly neighbor in the face in his Brighton Beach building on Sunday morning. Vladimir Radionov, 46, was off-duty when he got into a disagreement with one Janet Goldschmidt, 71, after she attempted to bring her Yorkshire terrier into the elevator of their building on Sea Coast Terrace.

Radionov allegedly told Goldschmidt, "Take your motherf-king dog out of the elevator. I don’t want to go up with your f-king dirty dog." The building's rules apparently require tenants with pets to use the service elevator, but Goldschmidt was only going up one floor, and she says she asked Radionov if he minded if she and her dog, Alvick, rode up one stop.

“He said ‘No’ and started punching me,” Goldschmidt told the NY Post. “I throw a cup of coffee, thinking this is going to stop him but it doesn’t. He punches me in the back. He grabs me and pulls me out like I am a child. He came at me like a bull. I think if I didn’t run away, he would kill me."

Goldschmidt was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, while Radionov was subsequently arrested and charged with second degree assault. He was released on $5,000 bail.

"I am so surprised. He is a police officer," Goldschmidt sadly told the Post. "Police officers are supposed to keep us safe. Instead, he was acting like a criminal."