A 34-year-old man who works as a volunteer EMS with the Hatzolah service in Brooklyn was stabbed while walking in Crown Heights last night. The suspect may have been wearing a mask.

Police say the victim, who was off-duty, was walking on Eastern Parkway around 8:30 p.m., between Nostrand and Rogers Avenues, when he felt a pain in his back. He turned around and saw male running away, but did not get a look at the alleged stabber, police say. Crown Heights Info reports, "The man radioed for help from his fellow Hatzolah volunteers, and then managed to walk himself to the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Rogers Avenue, leaving a trail of blood behind him. He collapsed just as a Hatzolah ambulance arrived at the scene."

The victim was taken to Kings County and then Methodist Hospital to treat a two-inch laceration in his right shoulder; he received staples and is expected to survive.

The police investigation is ongoing. The victim said his assailant was wearing sweats, and police told ABC 7 he may have been masked.

Hatzolah is the volunteer ambulance service in mainly Jewish neighborhoods, but serves the whole community. A police spokesperson told us the NYPD's Hate Crime unit is involved in the investigation, but it's currently unclear if the stabbing will be classified as a hate crime. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said, "With the stabbings that are taking place in Israel, we cannot be relaxed when you investigate something of this magnitude, we need to determine if it is a hate crime, and we need to use all the video footage and whatever we can to apprehend the person."