Early Sunday morning, an off-duty state correction officer was killed after being shot multiple times on Nostrand Avenue in Crown Heights. The NY Times reports that the victim, Jeremie Kane, had "left Millie’s Head 2 Toes barbershop... just before 1 a.m., the police said. Mr. Kane stepped outside the barbershop to make a call on his cellphone when he got into a dispute with another man, who then shot him." According to the Daily News, Kane was shot twice in the head and four times in the chest—"Investigators were not certain what prompted the deadly shooting and have not ruled out that it was a robbery attempt." Kane, 30, was assigned to Ossining "Sing Sing" Prison, but was released on workers comp leave last month and had been staying with his mother in Brooklyn. The Times saw his aunt visit the site where Kane was killed and a small memorial had been placed; she sobbed, "Oh, my God, the blood’s still here."