2008_07_offdutycop.jpgAn off-duty police officer was stabbed in Chelsea early this morning. The 25-year-old victim had left the nightclub Guest House with his girlfriend and had been walking with her and a few other women when a group of men (who apparently had followed them) started to harass them.

WNBC reports the off-duty cop identified himself as a police officer. WABC 7 says the cop "apparently [asked] them to stop, and words were exchanged," before he was "jumped by one of the three men and stabbed during an altercation." And according to WCBS 2, the men had questioned the cop why so many women were with him.

The men fled, either on foot or in a Toyota Camry. The officer was taken to St. Vincent's and is in stable condition. Guest House is one of the West 27th Street nightclubs that make up "Club Row"; in 2006, two underage girls partied at Guest House, and later, one was picked up and killed by a drifter.