That off-duty cop accused of pointing a gun at a bike rider who rapped on his window during a traffic altercation? He claims it was all just a big misunderstanding. Sources tell the tabloids that Officer Joe Carrasco, a 29-year-old cop from the 28th Precinct, is saying he didn't shove a gun in cyclist Ryan Stepka's face, he was merely removing his police ID from his wallet! But you can forgive Stepka his confusion—only a highly trained NYPD officer is qualified to tell the difference between a wallet and a gun. Oh, wait.

Carrasco has been placed on modified assignment while Internal Affairs investigates the incident. According to the Post, Carrasco admits he almost hit Stepka while trying to park in the Village Saturday night. Stepka claims that when he confronted Carrasco, he rolled down the tinted window of his Volkswagen and pointed a gun in his face. But if we're to follow along with Carrasco's narrative, Stepka was so shocked by what he saw that he called the cops to report... a cop showing his I.D. Happens every day! For expert analysis, we now turn to legendary Indiana Hoosiers coach Bobby Knight: