On Wednesday, an off-duty police officer was stabbed during an apparent home invasion robbery in Queens. Officer Rishi Gobin, 34, claimed he was attacked in his house on 170th Street near Liberty Avenue in Jamaica after two men broke in just after 1 p.m.—but sources told the Times that the case is “problematic,” and internal affairs is now investigating whether the wounds were self-inflicted. “It’s kind of bizarre,” the law enforcement official said. "We're still sorting it out."

Robin, who works in the Bronx out of the 42nd Precinct, claimed he was stabbed in the right side and hit in the head with a blunt object by the attackers. Footage from nearby surveillance cameras don’t show anyone but Gobin entering the house before the alleged attack occurred—nor does it show anyone running out of the house around the time Gobin called 911, sources told the News.

"He was the only one in the house, we believe, at this time," said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. "We know that he does call 911. He makes the call. Certainly, on the call, he did not say there was a struggle." Sources added that Gobin, a five year vet, had been “upset over marital problems,” which may have led to the incident. NYPD Spokesman Paul Browne said there was “nothing I know to suggest that he stabbed himself.”