2007_03_clubshooting.jpgYesterday morning, an off-duty police officer killed another clubgoer who was threatening another off-duty cop. At Brooklyn's The Elite Ark, which was having a Notorious B.I.G. tribute, a shoving match started that caused a commotion. Twenty-one year-old Kristen McKenzie allegedly fired a gun at an unarmed off-duty detective's head, but missed. The detective then tackled McKenzie, trying to get the gun, and the gun went off, injuring the detective. The NY Times reports that he "ended up on the ground with Mr. McKenzie straddling him."

The other officer, Andre Clark, then shot at McKenzie eight times, hitting him four times. The NYPD says that the shooting seemed to appear "to be within department guidelines," since Clark identified himself as a police officer and since McKenzie refused to drop his weapon. McKenzie was pronounced dead at Brookdale Hospital. His 9mm semiautomatic was recovered at the scene.

McKenzie's sister Andrea Pollidore says that the police "could have defused this situation," even though he had been holding a gun to the detective's head. Pollidore and City Councilman Charles Barron, who has asked for Police Commissioner Kelly's resignation in the wake of the Sean Bell Shooting, questioned whether the off-duty cops were drinking. And the Elite Ark is wondering how guns got into the club - cops say their security is usually pretty good, as their patrons are checked for weapons.