A police sergeant on his way to work helped save a man who was trying to kill himself at a Brooklyn subway station.

According to police, Sgt Michael Burrello was on his way to work at NYPD's Intelligence Bureau around 5 a.m. He was on the platform of the 86th Street R train station in Bay Ridge when he heard other subway passengers yelling and trying to get the train to stop.

Sgt. Burrello then observed a 39 year old male lying on the tracks and that the subway train had come to a stop approximately 2 to 3 subway car lengths before the male. Sgt. Burrello jumped onto the still electrified tracks to render assistance to the distraught male. Upon speaking to the male the Sergeant became aware that the male placed himself on the tracks intentionally in an attempt to commit suicide. The Sergeant spoke to the emotionally disturbed man and was able to convince the male to stand up. With the help of several good Samaritans they were able to lift the man back onto the platform.

Burrello helped the man out of the station and called 911. The man is being evaluated at Lutheran Hospital.