The NYPD detective who was shot with his own gun after allegedly being caught with a New Jersey man's wife denies that anything scandalous was happening at the time of the incident. Louis Pepe, who some police sources said had "his pants and belt on the floor" when husband Robert Dunbar arrived to find Pepe with his wife in his Manalapan home at around 11:30 p.m. Friday night, told the Daily News that it was "not true, not fact" that he was having a relationship with Deborah Dunbar. "A car was being purchased and I intervened in a domestic dispute and got myself caught up in that." One can only assume that Pepe was trying to buy a used Chevy Coitus and that Dunbar was preventing a sale far below its Blue Book value.

In what must have been the most fun that New York Post reporters have had in months, Pepe, sporting a bruise under his eye, spoke to the media in the third person outside his Staten Island home yesterday. “Lou has a flawless record, Pepe told reporters, posing as a “rep” for the NYPD. "He’s a great guy. I’ve known him for a long time. The family has a lot going on. They are going to let the law proceedings take care of it. The family is not going to give any statement.”

Dunbar's neighbors in New Jersey said that a "For Sale" in front of the house confirmed their belief that the couple was close to splitting, and one confirmed to the Post that Pepe and Deborah were dating: “I’d seen him once or twice two weeks ago.”

The officer of 16 years, who is assigned to Brooklyn's 63rd Precinct was treated for two minor wounds in his shoulder and released. Dunbar initially fled the scene but turned himself in the following evening after his mother made a "tearful plea" on a local radio station. According to Dunbar's 2005 wedding announcement in the Staten Island Advance, Dunbar studied criminology at John Jay and was an elevator mechanic.

The three children who were in Dunbar's home at the time of the shooting were taken to safety by relatives, and Dunbar remains in jail pending $500,000 bail on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault, among others.