On Tuesday, an off-duty police officer was driving the wrong way on the NY State Thruway near Suffern when he crashed into another vehicle (which was going the correct direction). The officer, Richard Christopher, 32, died, as did the other driver, James Devito, 59. Now witnesses say that Christopher was making a U-Turn on the highway.

The Journal News reports, "Several people saw a pickup truck driver make a U-turn across the Thruway and head south... One witness said the U-turn across the three northbound lanes happened near the Thruway overpass, about a half-mile from the accident site, police said in a statement. 'The vehicle faced south on the shoulder of the northbound lane. It's not something that is very common,' said Trooper Matthew Iznicki, a spokesman."

The NY State DMV says of U-turns, "Do not try a U-turn on a highway unless absolutely necessary."

Christopher was supposed to be at his Bronx precinct that day. Police are continuing to investigate the crash and why he was on the wrong side of the highway, and toxicology tests are pending.