We'll never stop being amazed at how literally unbelievable some people can be when it comes to Onion stories. Yesterday, America's favorite purveyor of parody tackled stop-and-frisk (not for the first time) with an absolutely hilarious video detailing the raging white hot debate over the NYPD's stop-and-kiss program.

And despite the fact that there is no way anyone could think this was actually a real thing—right? They couldn't really, right?—some people think this is a real thing. Below, you can get a taste of the ensuing Twitter madness and requisite SMH'ing. There are even longer rants on Facebook if you feel like sorting through that wasteland.

Not everyone was tricked by The Onion's tomfoolery:

Of course, stop-and-kiss sounds exactly like the sort of thing Mayor Bedhead would try to enact, so maybe these people know something we don't.