Reminders about this year's Summer Olympics will grace Greek coffee cups. The iconic and beloved blue, white and tan/gold cups (the design is called Anthora) will get NBC-Olympic-coverage branded, which is the first change to the design since 1963 according to the Daily News. New Yorkers are split on the new cup (the "We Are Happy To Serve You" will stay), with a Greek hot dog vendor, Demetres Petridis, telling the DN, "If it's only during the Olympics, I guess it's okay. But why change the cup at all?" Well, Demetres, NBC says it's always looking for "off-channel initiatives to connect the Olympics to the viewers" and sparked to the "ubiquitous Greek-American icon." Gothamist thinks that their time would better be spent at the wishing well with many pennies, because construction on the Olympic stadiums and facilities is still lagging. But we must say that this NBC branded cup is better than the ugly North Fork coffee cups we've been getting from the coffee guy on our corner; Gothamist expects to be using the NBC Olympics 2004 cups until the 2008 Olympics.

Admiration for the Greek coffee cup from NY Trash. And the Solo Cup Company gets orders for cups from production companies that want to give their set-in-NY movies or TV shows authenticity. [Updated:] Yes, there are even Greek coffee cup t-shirts and clocks at Tasty Inc.