Real-life criminals generally aren't like the villainous masterminds one sees on TV or in films, but usually they at least try to stay inconspicuous. Then there are the ones who wear hooded sweatshirts and winter gloves despite the morbidly hot temperatures in the summer and decide to take shots at the police.

According to the Daily News, police spotted Shamar Henson in such an outfit at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning. When his attire caught their eyes, they approached him for questioning but he decided to start running through the Bronx. The officers from the 47th Precinct Anti-Crime Unit chased Henson down alleys and between homes on the Williamsbridge block during the chase. Henson fired one shot at the officers, which missed, before he was subdued.

Henson, who was carrying a loaded .22-caliber Heritage revolver, was arrested on charges including attempted murder of a police officer, criminal use of a firearm and resisting arrest. According to police, it was not immediately known what Henson's intentions were in the moments before the chase. Maybe next time he can take fashion tips from this crime ring.