Questionable behavior is no stranger to disgraced former top cop Bernard Kerik, who is sitting in jail in Westchester County waiting for his trial on corruption charges. But now the judge who revoked his bail is concerned with his behavior.

Though specifics were not released, reports have been coming out of the courtroom today revealing that psychiatrists and doctors at the prison are sufficiently nervous about Kerik's behavior to have brought it to Judge Stephen Robinson's attention. "There were things unexplained described to me that were either said or done that raised a level of concern for them," Robinson told WNBC.

According to the Post, "Robinson raised the possibility that Kerik would have to waive doctor-patient privilege or even undergo a court-ordered examination." Keep in mind, just last week Robinson unsparingly skewered Kerik's personality previously, calling him a "toxic combination of self-minded focus and arrogance."

Kerik was described as having arrived to court today "without a tie, wearing a wrinkled pinstripe suit," and he shook his head "in disgust" at the mention of a possible delay. The burdened trial, which has already been postponed once, is in danger of a second postponement, due to a possible conflict of interest involving his lawyers.