If 78 isn’t too old to run for president, surely 82 isn’t too old to nab hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry from affluent uptowners. Samuel Sabatino, octogenarian burglary suspect, was allegedly a much more successful thief than many of his peers until he was arrested Saturday and charged with 11 counts of burglary, the New York Times reports.

Investigators tell the Times that Sabatino was a shrewd criminal who had been on the run for years and often fooled bystanders and doormen with his benign grandfatherly appearance. “He looks like your typical elderly gentleman,” Lt. Kevin Blake told the paper. This factor appears to have aided the crook in his basic routine: casually entering upscale buildings, posing as a resident, finding apartments whose tenants were on vacation, then breaking in and finding jewelry. Though he lived in Florida, he made frequent trips to the city, particularly during holiday weekends, when New Yorkers were likely to be out of town. (His tendency to strike on July 4 earned him the nickname “the “Fourth of July Burglar.”)

That strategy proved lucrative. On Memorial Day alone, Sabatino allegedly stole $50,000 worth of jewelry and watches from an apartment on East 79th Street, according to the Post. His total loot in recent years is estimated at around $400,000.

Sabatino’s exact age is a matter of some discrepancy—the Times says he’s 82, The Post puts him at 81, and his lawyer did not respond to a request for comment or clarification. Apparently, he’d been pinching ritzy Upper East Side joints since he was a spry young man in his early 60s. (In 2001, he was caught robbing an Upper East Side building but jumped bail and began going by a different name.)

We took note of the “mature burglary suspect,” as we called him, back in 2015, when he was caught on a home spying camera nabbing jewelry from an apartment on East 86th Street. Despite the footage—his face is visible but partially obscured by a Puma hat—Sabatino evaded capture. “He looks like a normal papa,” one of the victims said then. Have a look at that footage below:

The police investigation to catch him has been underway since 2014. In recent months, cops tracked his car from Florida to New York while also surveilling buildings on the Upper East Side waiting for him to strike again. He was finally arrested last weekend after trying to enter an apartment building on Third Avenue.

Our only remaining question: who should play the elderly burglar in a film adaptation? Robert De Niro could pull it off, but maybe he’s too busy practicing his Robert Mueller impression. Robert Redford or Christopher Plummer could work, but they’ve both already played mature criminals in recent movies . Is Harvey Keitel available?