rain_8th.jpgOctober 2005 became the rainiest October on record Saturday afternoon. The rain, which measured 1.12 inches, pushed the monthly total to 14.37 inches. That smashed the previous record set in 1903 by more than an inch. Two-and-a-half inches more rain will make this month the wettest of any month since records have been kept in Central Park.

Will we get it? All indications are that we're going to get another soaking tonight and into tomorrow. The jet stream has dipped to our south, which is why we've cooled off, and is positioned to produce a major storm to our east. Combine that with moisture and energy from Hurricane Wilma as it moves up the Atlantic and high pressure coming down from Canada, and we could see a lot of rain. The Quantitative Precipitation Forecast, which is a statistical prediction, says we will get 1.87 inches of rain through Wednesday morning.

It's not just going to rain. It's going to be windy, too. The Weather Service has issued a wind advisory from 2 a.m. to 4 p.m. tomorrow. Winds are forecast to be between 31 and 39 mph, with higher gusts possible. After the wind and rain leave its going to get cold, or at least cooler than we've seen since the spring. Ah, what a great way to start a week.