2007_06_oceans13.jpgPolice have apprehended three robbers who robbed homes and businesses on Staten Island's North Shore during an 11 day crime spree. And it just so happens the thieves are 13, 14 and 15 years old.

The teens used lock picks and other tools to break into the home during the day. Their school had no idea the students were gone, and the Staten Island Advance reveals, "The crew used the Goodhue Playground as a base of operations, meeting there after attendance was taken at the Morris Intermediate School on Castleton Avenue, sources said. They later returned to the playground to divide the spoils." The trio were scared off a couple times, but most of the time, they managed to break in and take jewelry, miniature Nascar cars, coins, and over $30,000 in savings bonds from homes and $5,000 in cash from businesses.

The story gets even better: The police were tipped off by another group of teens who were arrested for graffiti vandalism, proving we've come a long way from Oliver Twist. When the 13-year-old robbing ringleader was found with $2,300 cash and a stolen watch, he turned over his partners in crime, who had blown their money on "expensive cell phones, clothing and sneakers."

Though these youthful criminals have been apprehended, the police are still looking for suspects in a different string of 15 robberies on the North Shore.