So, have you guys heard of this Occupy Wall Street thing? It's catching on like the subprime mortgage market in 2006! And now, googly-eyed tourists are getting in on it too, turning previously obscure Zuccotti Park into the city's hottest, most exciting tourist destination since bedbugs the Spider-Man musical hit Broadway.

“This was one of the top things on our list to come to see and to do,” 56-year-old South Carolina visitor Bob Harvey told The Times. “To experience this and to join in with these people," he explained, adding that he found the time to sneak in a trip to Zuccotti in between visits to historic churches and a performance of Billy Elliot. Another woman said she was in the city shopping for a wedding dress when she decided to detour to catch some of the Occupation action. They were even treated to an impromptu performance from peace-loving troubadour Peter Yarrow!

Even financial institutions, who ostensibly embody everything the Occupiers are standing against, are swinging by: "It took me about 10 seconds to realize the hoard of people I encountered were not Occupy Wall Street Protesters, just your typical tourists," wrote one flabbergasted MyBankTracker reporter. One Occupy visitor we spoke to this weekend told us he thinks a lot of tourists come by after checking out the World Trade Center, though not all passerby are quite so logical: "I had one guy from Moldova ask me, 'Is Christmas cancelled?' and I was like, 'Huh?'" said one reporter who was on-site this weekend. "Then he launched into some crazy anti-capitalist screed, sipped his beverage from Subway and said 'Good bye!'"