An unidentified Occupy Wall Street protester who goes by the handle Dicey Troop needs your help. Since the movement began over two months ago, Mr. Troop has been very active on Twitter, "tweeting the revolution," as he puts it, with meticulous updates of the daily General Assemblies at @LibertySqGA. But Occupy Wall Street, despite receiving half a million dollars in donations, still doesn't have any professional activists on the payroll—and tweeting isn't exactly bringing home the soy bacon for Dicey Troop. And so he's turning to the Internet for financial help.

"Ultimately, without your support, I will need to yield to existential realities," Mr. Troop explains in his mission statement. "I will still participate in OWS as much as possible, but realistically, finding and maintaining sources of income will need to be scaled up dramatically, to the detriment of my focus on the movement." To save him from reality, he's asking for $2,000 a month, "which is a little less than half what I made before I quit my job to tweet the revolution." For about 70 cents, you can buy a can of soda. Or you could use that money help a radical tweeter in need! Ask yourself: What would Sally Struthers do?

Dicey Troop says he "would also like to increase my web presence by blogging and adding to the conversation around Occupy and the vast inequalities of wealth and voice we experience in the United States and around the world. While my primary contribution has been live and very detailed transcripts via twitter, I have much to add on the political theory and analysis side of things, and will be able to allocate more energy to that sort of thing if I can set aside my monetary concerns for a little while.

"There are a few other things up my sleeve, too, but they'll take considerable planning and networking to make work. By helping me pay rent, you'll be helping me bring those things into being as well!" So don't delay—so far he's only raised $555, which is less than 10% of his goal of $6,000 for the next three months. Click here to donate and get involved; you don't want to have to lie to your grandchildren about what you did with your money during Occupy Wall Street. [Via Runnin' Scared]