The Millionaires' March, organized by the Working Families Party and NY Communities For Change, is in full swing as Occupy Wall Street protesters march to the homes of billionaires and millionaires "specially chosen for their willingness to hoard wealth at the expense of the 99%." Those lucky men include super-rich industrialist (and shadowy Tea Party backer) David Koch, News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch, real estate developer Howard Milstein, hedge fund manager John Paulson, and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. The march started about an hour ago, and Gridlock Sam has been Tweeting, "Lots of tourists taking photos and adding to the crowd that's right now several hundred" and "Pds got the barricades ready to roll if necessary. Will try to keep march on sidewalks but could spill onto a lane of 5 av."

Another issue that the protesters are upset about is Governor Andrew Cuomo's ending of the millionaires' tax, taxing those who make more than $200,000 (the Democrats wanted to extend it to those making more than $1 million). His decision has made him the target of death threats. As it happens, one of today's targets, Milstein happens to be a big Cuomo donor and was named to the Thruway Authority. According to organizers, this is why Milstein sucks:

“Howard Milstein, one of the wealthiest New Yorkers, needs to be held accountable for his continued disinvestment in our communities. Since 1998, Mr Milstein has promised millions in development on the 85 acres he owns in the center of Niagara Falls and has yet to develop a single acre. Now he is being celebrated by Gov. Cuomo yet again with tax breaks. It’s time for Howard Milstein to pay his fair share and reinvest in our community,” said Reverend Rex Stewart of First Presbyterian Church in Youngstown, Niagara County, on behalf of Niagara Organizing Alliance for Hope.

Outside of Murdoch's Fifth Avenue home, protesters yelled, "Enough is enough!"