Gothamist's Christopher Robbins is currently out reporting on the various demonstrations, marches, and direct actions today—for up-to-the-second May Day reportage, follow along with him on Twitter and the #M1NYC hastag. A morning rally at Bryant Park turned into a march through midtown (mostly on the sidewalk) and Times square, with an estimated 350-400 activists converging outside the Chase bank on Sixth Avenue and 50th Street. Here are some updates from the across the field, from Robbins and others:

There was a brief scuffle with police outside the Chase bank as demonstrators tried to push their way into the bank, but no arrests were made. One protester, seen here, was arrested during an attempt to block traffic at 42nd and Sixth Avenue, and one witness says another protester was arrested for trying to do the same thing on Madison Ave.

Meanwhile, down at Union Square, Village Voice restaurant critic Robert Sietsema reports the park is heavily barricaded in preparation for today's permitted rally—his photo shows a barricade moat surrounding the southern edge of the park. "I don't think I've ever seen so many barricades in 1 place," Sietsema writes. "Not only 1 set but concentric circles of barricades focusing on the stage that's been setup right across from whole foods. Pedestrians coming out of the subway bewildered by the maze."

Just after 11 a.m. in Williamsburg, an estimated "few hundred" protesters are poised to march across the Williamsburg Bridge.

UPDATE: 12:05 p.m.:One witness says three protesters have been arrested on the Williamsburg Bridge so far for trying to block traffic; another says that four were arrested for covering their faces.

Update 12:17 p.m.: At Bryant Park, Jake Dobkin says protesters are now on the move toward Park Avenue. It's possible they're responding to this Tweet from the Occupy Wall Street May Day feed: BREAKING: need more ppl at 41st and park, 7 police vans full of riot police, and NYPD is starting to kettle!

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn:

And in midtown earlier:

Update 12:40 p.m.:

In midtown, Dobkin reports picketing outside the Capital Grille. Protesters are chanting, "1 2 3 4 don't go through that restaurant door 5678 until they don't discriminate" and "next stop is chipotle." (Referring to Chipotle's farmworker labor standards.)

Update 1:35 p.m.: The "bike bloc" protesters are getting the attention of the NYPD scooter brigade in the East Village, and the anarchist "Wildcat" march is staging with a giant "FUCK THE POLICE" sign in SoHo.

Update 1:42 p.m.: Robbins says the Black Bloc "Wildcat" march is headed south from the park at Forsyth and Broome, with an estimated 400 protesters in the street marching against traffic. Several arrests have been made, with police protesters knocking cameras out of photographer's hands. Here's video of some arrests.

Update 2:12 p.m.: Robbins describes the scene as "Total pandemonium. Police made two incredibly violent arrests at the western corner of Washington Square Park. Police shoved press 30 feet away to arrest two people." Trash cans and street furniture were tossed in the street throughout the march, and Dobkin reports "lots of chants of fuck the police from New York to Greece."

Update 2:24 p.m.: Most of the anarchists have either dispersed and headed to Union Square, where all today's marches are converging for a permitted afternoon rally and musical performances. James Thilman is headed down from Bryant Square park with a march, and estimates several hundred protesters on the sidewalk. (One yelled to the cops accompanying them on scooters, "Give us one lane down Fifth Avenue! You can do it!"

Update 2:42 p.m.: Protesters spilled out into Fifth Avenue on the march from Bryant Park to Union Square, and Thilman witnessed police tackling a protester but subsequently letting him go. Police set up a barricade to try and force the march back onto the sidewalk to no avail. "I think police have given up" trying to push protesters off the avenue.

Update 3:11 p.m.: Protesters marching in the on a circuitous route from Greenwich Village to Union Square have met stiff resistance from police, with Robbins reporting at least six arrests at Sixth Avenue and Waverly. Police shoved a woman standing on the sidewalk, sending her to the ground. Protester Elliot Epstein was bleeding from the head after police arrested him. His friend, Anthony C., tells us, "Police grabbed the back of his head and smashed his face into the ground. He was bleeding everywhere. His face was covered in blood. So they wrapped his head in a sweatshirt and dragged him away."