Occupy Wall Street protesters ensconced in Zuccotti Park are gearing up for winter with a little help from their friends: the Firedoglake Membership Program has raised over $50,000 to start a supply chain of union-manufactured goods—including hats, scarves, blankets, jackets, base layer underwear and extreme weather socks—to help occupiers get through the cold. But might this really just be another ACORN-led George Soros conspiracy in disguise?

Firedog sent out the first shipment of #OccupySupply goods—500 pairs of UFCW union-made socks—to protesters today. The group laments the loss of American textile manufacturing companies and jobs on their site, and offer effusive praise for OWS and their struggle to remain in the park despite constant underlying threat of expulsion by the city.

"The powers that be are clearly executing plans to shut down occupations in warm weather areas, and hoping that they freeze out those in the cold" says FDL founder Jane Hamsher. "It's no coincidence that Bloomberg seized the #OWS generators on the first day of snow. Getting a consistent, reliable supply of cold weather supplies to occupations across the country could mean the difference between the movement surviving the winter or not."

Previously, OWS released a list of emergency supplies crucial for cold weather survival on their website. OWS has raised more than $500,000 in NYC alone, but have struggled with how to organize their finances and properly spend it...that is, when they actually have the money in hand. According to Reuters, OWS receives more than 400 donations daily via credit card, averaging less than $50 each—but credit card processors have held back a large amount of the money, claiming they expect an abnormally high level of disputes on the charges.

Pete Dutro, one of the members of the finance committee, stressed to Reuters how expensive the city is—and how, despite raising so much money, the group would struggle to survive a full winter without more donations and aid. "People don't understand that this is New York, we pay New York prices...these occupations ain't cheap," he said.