The Occupation of The New School—which is really an occupation of the school's Student Center in the privately owned building at 90 Fifth Avenue—huffed and puffed this weekend over a supposed hit job in the Times. And speaking of hit jobs, a senior at the school who "just wants our study space back" sent us an image of some of the—we certainly hope joking—demands of the young movement written on the walls in the Student Center. "Wit" and "a real Chinese restaurant" we can understand, but we aren't sure there even are 1 billion cops out there to be scalped!

We e-mailed the occupation this morning for a comment on what appears to be brainstorming for a list of demands, but have yet to hear back. Perhaps they are still asleep? After all, last night must of been pretty intense, what with their General Assembly "breaking ground on issues of race class &gender also what the occupied space represents in terms of transformative political change" while also lending support to the protests at CUNY.