The NYPD and the protestors down at Wall Street might not really be getting along, but there is at least one police officer who most folks (the media at least—Gawker's Adrian Chen has penned a treatise on him) don't seem to mind. Enter the "Hipster Cop," a young man who appears to be a community affairs detective from the 1st Precinct going by the name Rick. Also? He may be gay.

The "Hipster Cop"—who our reporter Chris Robbins says really comes off more as a "Preppy Cop"—drew some attention during that Radiohead mess, and has been hanging around the margins since. He was on the scene again this morning looking slightly more business than usual. So... does the NYPD have other hip young cops hiding around amongst the OWS crowds? Are these the sorts of people who keep busting LES bars for selling to underage drinkers and Facebook parties?

Maybe we don't really want to know the answer though, as the "Hipster Cop" isn't the only plainclothes officer drawing attention down at Zuccotti Park. There has been some speculation that the NYPD (which isn't ashamed to spy) has sent some undercover agents in, and pics like these certainly lend credibility to that theory!