Following the strange graffiti mystery from this past weekend, where Miss Heather spotted some hard-to-translate tags in Greenpoint, the NY Post steps in with some Rosetta Stone-esque knowledge. Some interpreted the writing as Elvish, and others as neo-Nazi, but the paper says it seems to be written in an obscure alphabet by someone interested in occult ideas that were known to inspire some of Adolf Hitler's followers. The alphabet is believed to be based on pre-Roman runes that some associate with magical powers, and this is sort of all starting to sound like a Dan Brown novel. One tag reads: "The Secret of the Runes," also the name of an occult book by Guido von List, while others are phrases from Lists' other works. By the by, List wanted Austrians and Germans to replace their religious beliefs with that of paganism! A spokesman for the Anti-Defamation League told the paper that the tags were not likely left by any neo-Nazis (though apparently some do reside in the area), because the references to the writer would have been over their head.