They came, they mourned, they left?

Despite predictions from all over of "epic violence" between supporters of the two would-be Satmar sect leaders after last weeks death of Satmar Grand Rebbe Moses Teitelbaum, it never seemed to happen.

Things looked especially nerve-wracking when supporters of Aaron Teitelbaum, Moses' oldest son who runs the Satmar community up in Orange County, came down to Brooklyn and set up tents (see above photo). And yet:

Although there was no resolution to the conflict over which of two brothers vying for control of the Hasidic sect would lead it in to the future, the threat of violence diminished as more than 1,000 members, who had come to the city for a fight, returned home.

What this really means, we assume, is that this fight, despite raging for the past seven years, is actually just getting started. Just that with a half-billion dollars in real estate and other businesses on the line neither side wants lose public face by throwing punches. And so, to the courts!

Hasidic Rebels' Tent by Triborough via Contribute.