2005_11_braunstein2.jpgSo now that they caught Peter Braunstein the papers are having a field day wrapping up the case as it now stands. The Times and Newsday keep their coverage simple and to the point (Braunstein, wanted for kidnapping, burglary, robbery and sexual abuse, was arrested in Memphis after an attempted suicide and will be extradited to Manhattan upon his recovery), but the Post and the News have taken their coverage to the next level.

Let's start with the News' coverage. First up we get the basic "Tense tale of fiend's capture" where the News talks to the son of the cop who caught Braunstein (the son is an aspiring singer, natch), followed by the story the Post led with about the diary and "trophy tape" that Braunstein was apparently lugging around. But that's not all! Oh no! We also get an update on Braunstein's estranged father (he's down in Memphis but they still aren't talking) and the Daily News exclusive that Braunstein maybe tried to stalk a University of Memphis student ("I'm not absolutely sure it was him, but he looked similar to the picture. He looked very, very similar. . . . It's like pretty scary to think this could be the same guy.").

But for all of the News effort to out tabloid it, the Post, the paper that Rupert built on Alexander Hamilton's grave, still takes the cake. Not only do they give the standard news recap and the obligatory cover story about Braunstein's diary they also manage to tie the entire thing into a synergistic bow by connecting the whole story to the character "the Carver" on FX's Nip/Tuck (headline: "Suspect got his 'Nip' fix"). They even manage to end the article with this plug: ""The Carver" — who has terrorized his victims on "Nip/Tuck" for more than a season — is set to be unmasked in Tuesday's episode."

Only in the tabloids, kids, only in the tabloids.