2008_12_regents.jpgA "top New York education official" tells today's Post that local education authorities don't want Linda Darling-Hammond, head of President-elect Obama's education-policy working group, to have a big role at the US Department of Education. The concern is that Hammond won't support Mayor Bloomberg and Joel Klein's reforms and that she opposes the state-required Regents exams, which students must pass in order to graduate (some schools are exempt). In a 2001 legal brief, Hammond said exams like "Regents exams are a limited measure of actual learning and performance, are prone to substantial error, and have limited predictive validity regarding students' abilities to accomplish other real-world tasks or to succeed in college." A Bush administration education official criticized Hammond as one of many who "don't like standards, don't like testing, don't like accountability," while high school students are more likely to favor her as longtime opponents of "taking tests up until July."