Fresh from explaining what the U.S. is doing in Libya last night President Obama is in town today, messing with traffic and attending a $30,800-a-head DNC fundraising dinner at Red Rooster in Harlem with the likes of former mayor David Dinkins and Rep. Charles Rangel (and more). And apparently not everyone is happy about it—because people are always happy with everything presidents do, right?

DNAinfo went and found at least one person who is not amused that Obama has chosen Harlem for his dinner. "There's an obscenity about coming to Harlem where the annual median income is $25,000 per year, $5,000 less that the $30,000 per dinner plate fundraiser" Nellie Bailey, whose group Harlem Fight Back Against Wars At Home and Abroad plans to protest the dinner, told the website.

"Harlem is symbolic for President Obama. There is no other black community that resonates domestically and internationally. But to come to Harlem on the heels of a brutal shock and awe campaign against an African country is one of political expediency," she continued (ignoring the fact that the dinner was being planned before the situation in Libya escalated). "It is a disrespect and a slap in Harlem's face."

But absolutely not everyone agrees with Bailey, what with all those people planning on hanging outside the restaurant to bottleneck. "I want to catch his eye," Harlemite Teda Davis, 66, told the Daily News today, describing the presidential visit as "larger than life." Added another resident, "It would be cool to see him, even a little sighting would be cool."