Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is bummed that President Obama's proposed budget doesn't include further funding for a NYC pilot program to test whether it's possible to secure an urban area against nuclear terrorism by saturating it with radiation detectors. A Homeland Security Department official told reporters on a conference call yesterday that the so-called "Secure the Cities" program was always intended to be "a three-year activity, a three-year project." The NYPD has already received more than $53 million in DHS grants for the effort, including $20 million this year, but Kelly tells the Daily News, "It's disappointing, to say the least, after so much has been invested in a program with so much promise." Aw. Critics have questioned the technical capability of the program, and according to the Washington Post, some officials believe it's "better to spend money to secure nuclear materials at their source, coordinate a government-wide counter-proliferation strategy and to strengthen the operations of first-responders who would answer any alarm." Makes sense, but that still doesn't explain why President Hussein Obama wants NYC nuked!