Now that everyone's finally stopped bitching about how hard it was to sign up for healthcare through the Affordable Care Act, we can all start complaining about how expensive it's going to be. MetroPlus, one of Obamacare's most popular insurers in New York State, is reportedly looking to jack its premiums for individuals up by an average of 18.5 percent in 2015, with small group plans facing a 30 percent hike. Still less than surgery without insurance, but damn.

The Times reports that MetroPlus, which services individuals in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan and was one of the ACA's cheapest in-state providers, informed one Manhattan resident they were planning to hike her rate up by 28 percent. According to Capital NY, they're seeking to raise platinum plan from $457 per month to $585 per month; gold plans from $406 to $495; silver plans from $368 to $432 and bronze plans from $344 to $390, with catastrophic plan prices decreasing from $328 to $252.

MetroPlus isn't the only insurer looking to increase its premiums. Apparently, state health insurance insurers are looking for an average 13 percent premium increase next year, though this is reportedly not that unusual. "That is pretty much what they ask for every year,” Elisabeth Benjamin, vice president of the health initiatives at the Community Service Society, told the Daily News. “They ask for a generous rate increase with the expectation that it will be rolled back.”

The state's Department of Financial Services will review the hike proposals and release final numbers in August.